Citizen Service

The Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Cuba, has a system of Attention to the Population, in the Central Organ and its network of institutions, composed of 22 universities with presence in all the provinces of the country, and three...


The Ministry of Higher Education is the body responsible for directing, proposing, executing and controlling the state and government policy regarding higher education. This state responsibility is executed from the main functions that are...

Admission to higher education

In Cuba, with the horizons that the Revolution opened, it has been encouraged that for many years in many families, one of the most important projects is to prepare children to study a university career. Significantly today our number of...


The Professional Training Directorate methodologically directs the elaboration, development and permanent updating of the theoretical foundations related to the integral training of future professionals in Cuban universities


Upon completion of university studies and obtaining an undergraduate degree, you can continue your training through postgraduate education and thus maintain a continuing education for your professional development throughout life.

College Extension

The Ministry of Higher Education, within the extension process, directs the promotion of cultural development in institutions of higher education t

How could you study in Cuba?

International relations

The mission of the International Relations Directorate is to contribute to the international dimension being integrated into the substantive functions of Higher Education and international cooperation is oriented towards the fulfillment of the...

Investigation and innovation

Science, technology and innovation are substantive activities of Cuban higher education, which must continue to contribute more effectively to the scientific and technological development of our country, to improve the quality of the process of...